My name is Laurel Papworth and I am a senior social media marketing trainer and consultant based in Sydney Australia. My clients sometimes ask me for a course I am not currently running or the course is full, or my calendar is full who else do you recommend? Rather than saying “umm that young lady in Brisbane does great Facebook Ad courses” or “that feller whatsisname is awesome at analytics” I thought this would be a useful directory. So this website is for you!

If you don’t know me, Laurel Papworth (bio), I’ve been teaching social media since 2005 and running social media online communities since 1989. My clients include Sony, Big Brother, Idol, Westpac, UNHCR, Department of Health, Parliament House, and various retail outlets. I am a Cert IV trainer who has also taught at a Masters level. I only know two things in life: teaching and social media. Otherwise I need help to tie my own shoelaces!

CAVEAT I have trained over 12,000 social media strategists and social media trainers but that does not mean I personally know the training techniques, knowledge delivery or deliverables that each trainer/school listed here achieves. It’s simply a place to start your research for a course, online or offline!

If you would like more information, would like your social media courses (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Campaigns, Ads, Strategy and at a pinch Google Analytics or Google Ads) added to this site, please email pa@laurelpapworth.com or call Laurel 0432684992.